About Us

LSV- Let's Speak Vietnamese

Let's Speak Vietnamese was created in 2014, out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment from Ms. Phung Thi My Hanh (Hanh Phung) and Mr. Valentin Constantinescu to make Vietnamese learning easy and accessible for foreigners who are living and working in Vietnam and/or having a Vietnamese partner as well as the Vietnamese 2nd-3rd generations living and working abroad who wish to speak their mother tongue.

Understanding the values ​​that language brings in, after two years of teaching Vietnamese to foreigners as an individual, Ms. Hanh Phung decided to establish LSV in September 2014 with the consistant support from Mr. Constantinescu. The purpose is to offer more opportunities for all foreigners living and working in Vietnam, those who have a Vietnamese spouse or the second and third generation Vietnamese community abroad, etc. to understand more about the diverse of Vietnamese language, thereby better understanding the Vietnamese Culture.


Known as one of the first 2 private language schools in Hanoi, we provide a wide range of courses to support students from all backgrounds and levels. Over 7 years, LSV has had over 5,000 students, from more than 20 countries around the world (such as France, England, USA, Australia, Canada, Russia, South Africa, China, Korea, Japan, Philippines, etc.). By 2018, the monthly number of students had reached over 100. We have taught employees from renowned language centers, international schools, international companies and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). We also published our own Vietnamese language books, which are currently used as guidences for our tailored curriculum. By 2019, we started our Youtube channel where you can find free and useful lessons. 


In addition, LSV has been organising dozens of culture-exchange events between LSV students and Vietnamese locals so they can exchange their knowledge about Vietnam. Culture-experience trips to beautiful regions in the North of Vietnam are also one of our favourite activities to help our students explore Vietnam and connect with the friendly and kinda-hearted Vietnamese locals.