Phở gánh - a unique feature of Hanoi cuisine

3rd Jan 2022

Phở gánh - a unique feature of Hanoi cuisine

If phở is a feature of Vietnam, 'Pho burden' Phở gánh is a feature of Hanoi. In the cold weather, enjoying a hot bowl of phở, at midnight or early in the morning is one of the interesting things that you should experience in the winter of Hanoi.

Phở gánh - a long-standing culture of Hanoi.

Phở gánh Hanoi, a warm and dear name has been associated with the people here for more than 30 years. When many people are still asleep, at the intersection of Hang Duong - Hang Chieu, under the street lights, it is extremely bustling because the phở Gánh shop is about to start selling.

 Why is it called phở gánh?

Simply, because it is not a spacious restaurant with full tables and chairs, cupboards full of ingredients. It's just a simple shop, without a name sign. All activities of ordering, preparing food, and eating are all around a burden street. A very traditional taste is made by basic ingredientsSpecial opening hours.

Instead of opening from 6 am like many other breakfast shops, Phở gánh opens from 2-3am. However, Hanoi is a city that never sleeps, so it is still very crowded at this time. Even guests have to wait in line for their turn to eat.

Diners come from all places, all ages, and different professions.

In the past, when phở gánh was just opened, the guests were mainly night workers who had just finished work or those who got up early to prepare for a new working day. Gradually, more and more diners come to experience. They want to enjoy and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Hanoi at dawn.

Phở gánh Hàng Chiếu is the most famous place to sell 'Pho burden' in Hanoi. Each bowl ranges from VND40,000 to VND50,000. If you visit Hanoi, try once to enjoy phở gánh but in this very own way to have the most memorable moments.