​Rules for drinking like a Vietnamese local

6th Nov 2021

​Rules for drinking like a Vietnamese local

What is the “nhậu”?

Have you ever heard about “Nhậu '' when you live in Vietnam?

“Nhậu” is the term for “drink beer” or “drink rice wine” in Vietnam with friends, colleagues and even bosses. “Nhậu” could be occured in some special occasions, like a form of bonding for Vietnamese people. Interestingly, you can “nhậu” over a meal in a circle of friends at someone’s house.

There are many reasons for Vietnamese to drink, it can be: breaking up with someone, being laid off or meeting friends,etc.

The rules of “nhậu”

There are several indispensable etiquettes for “nhậu” that you should remember to become a Vietnamese local when drinking

  1. Don’t drink without shouting “dzo”

    Vietnamese rarely drink alone, but always drink with a group of friends. It is literally that drink with shouting “yo” to create a cozy and funny atmosphere. The local version of “cheers” is “dzo”, and often follows a countdown of “1, 2, 3...” after having raised your bottle or glass
  2. Food to drink is essential

    Nibbles could be called “Mồi” in Vietnamese. It is really weird if you can “nhậu” without “mồi”. Mồi could be peanuts, pizza, or local favourites such as mango and salt, pan-fried street food or dried beef, but it really doesn’t matter as long as you have something to eat. It is also a way to make your stomach not growling and rumbling when you drink Vietnamese rice wine.
  3. Touching the glass,

    In Vietnam, touching the glass is a vital etiquette at the drinking table that shows respect for your partners. On touching the glass of alcohol, remember that the younger person always holds his/her glass lower than olders.