West Lake - A place you must visit in Hanoi

29th Nov 2021

West Lake - A place you must visit in Hanoi

West Lake

  When referring to Hanoi, besides Hoan Kiem Lake, visitors must have known about West Lake. So what's interesting about The West Lake?

Let's find out with Let’s speak Vietnamese through the article below.

A few things about West Lake.

  West Lake is the largest natural lake in Hanoi, located in Tay Ho district with an area of more than 500ha, with a circumference of about 14.8km. In the past, West Lake also had other names and each name is associated with a story, its own story.

  West Lake is not only a popular tourist attraction but also contains national cultural values. Around the lake, there are more than 20 temples and pagodas that have been ranked with many famous monuments and valuable artifacts.

On coming to West Lake, let’s have at least once experience the interesting things below!


  You can rent a bicycle or double bike along the roads surrounding the lake. Every early morning or late afternoon, many locals and foreign tourists often cycle around the lake, while enjoying the peaceful scenery and practicing their health. Around West Lake, there are also many areas with tools for free exercise, so people around the lake are very often out here to practice.

Watch the sunset on West Lake

  West Lake is considered one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Hanoi. Every evening, as the sun descends, this place wears a bright red shirt, the scenery is tinged with smooth color. What the sunset fell makes the west lake water like gold in silver. The sparkling, iridescent beauty of the lake makes people really stunned.

Coffee with friends enjoying West Lake

  Do not miss the coffee dates with your friends here! There are many cheap cafes and sidewalk cafes located along the lakeside road for you to choose from around West Lake. You can enjoy drinks, chat with friends and enjoy the view of West Lake. It is very overwhelming.