Daily Conversation

 Are you thinking of moving to/staying in VIetnam for at least a couple of years? Are you with a Vietnamese partner and wanting to communicate better with their family? Do you think that it’s not enough to just stop at saying hello and introducing your name? If the answer is YES, let us help.


 The topics focus on a range of subjects that one would encounter often in real life, such as: self-introduction, daily activities, weather, traveling, illness and pain, entertainment, etc. Each topic comprises the following parts: grammar, vocabulary and practice; primarily focusing on conversational Vietnamese and feeling your way around the alphabet and tones. As the book continues, the topics in each part become more specialised and the language, in keeping, is more advanced. For instance, we will cover a variety of topics in an attempt to cater to different people’s interests. If you’re into sports, movies, music, fashion or cooking, we have sections accordingly. We, too, touch on slightly more controversial topics such as politics, war or history in the higher level.


 There is certainly a cultural element to this part, requiring some sensitivity. Many of my friends and students have found the commonly asked questions by Vietnamese people to be quite culturally jarring. "What is your salary? Do you have a lot of money? When are you having children? Why are you fatter lately?" None of this sits comfortably in the realm of Western small talk and you need to be prepared to not be taken aback by it if you are to survive in a Vietnamese community! Knowing this, LSV also brings in our knowledge of the Vietnamese culture into the lessons.

You can choose to study in an one-on-one, small group or big group class, online or offline. Please check below: