1. May I  have more information about the school?

Hi, Welcome to Let’s Speak Vietnamese!. 

We have been running classes for Vietnamese learners since 2014 and we have helped thousands of students learn Vietnamese.

- We have online and offline classes for group and individual learners from complete beginners to advanced ones. 
- We are currently teaching Northern and Southern accents
- We have published materials that are tailored to fit our students’ needs as well as worksheets for you to practice at home. 
- Our teachers are experienced and trained in our methodology.
- Our lesson focuses on communication and practical language. 
- We are particularly good at teaching pronunciation, we have positive feedback from our students on that, you can check the reviews on our Facebook page.


2. How much does this school cost? 
- The group lesson is normally about 1 hour to 1.30 hours up to the number of students and the price is VND 1.889.000/course of 10 lessons including materials.
- Private lessons are normally 1 hour and the price is VND 2.889.000/10 hours.

*You can transfer the money to our Vietnamese bank account. If you need to do an international transfer, you can pay via Paypal. However, the fee will be slightly higher (85$ for the group, 135$ for private) due to Paypal’s low exchange rates & their extra fees for transferring to our Vietnamese account.


3. Where are the classes?
  At the moment, our main office is located in house number 6 Alley 1 Quảng Bá, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội. You could also have classes at home or in cafés that are convenient for both you and the teacher. 
Private lessons are recommended to be in public places. However, after knowing each other a bit better, the teacher can also come to your house. 


4. Do you offer online courses?
  Yes, we provide online lessons for students from overseas via Zoom or Google Meet. We have already had students in a few countries, Canada, America, Australia, Holland, and the UK to name a few. The feedback has been positive. 


5. What materials do you use?
  For the Elementary level, we are using our published materials: Useful Vietnamese for Expats from 1 to 3, together with worksheets and materials prepared and designed by our teams. 

  For higher levels, we select vocabulary and grammar in the books that were published by the National Publishing House. Then, we design the readings and listenings that suit the students' needs and interests.


6. Are your teachers experienced in the field?
  Yes, our teachers all have experience in teaching and we do monthly training with our Program Director to assure the quality. They are also patient, inspiring, and enthusiastic about teaching. You can have a trial lesson with us to self-evaluate. 


7. Can I pay by lesson?
  I am afraid not. You will need to sign up for a 10-lesson course at least. We don’t do by-lesson payments. However, before you have to make your full payment, you can join our trial for better judgment. After the trial, if you are happy and decide to sign up for the 10-lesson course, please make your payment before your next lesson and complete the 9 remaining lessons. In contrast, if you are not happy with the trial, it is free of charge. Thanks for your understanding.


8. What if I need to postpone, cancel, or miss a lesson?
  Lesson cancellation is possible on a mutual agreement. However, it can only be done a maximum of 3 times with a course of 10 lessons. After the 3rd time, the canceled lesson is automatically counted as a done lesson. Cancelation announcements must be made at least 1 hour before the scheduled time of the class. Late and one-sided cancellations are not accepted.

  In a group class setting, if you sometimes have to miss a class, you can discuss it with your teacher for catch-ups. For group classes with 2 people or more, the studying fee includes 60 minutes for free making up for missed lessons, valid any time WITHIN the course. You can use it in 2 ways, 2(two) 30-minute catchups before/after the classes or 1(one) 60-minute catchup on a different day to your scheduled class days.

Didn't find an answer to your question? Feel free to contact us!

You can contact us via our Social media or send us an E-mail to lsv.hanoi@gmail.com