Our Core Values

LSV is A.R.A.F.T (a raft)

LSV is not only an environment for international friends to meet up and connect with the Vietnamese locals. We also focus on creating a supporting and loving community for our staff and students! Over the last 7 years, we have developed our core values namely Attentiveness, Respect, Appreciation, Fun and Trust. These were, soon, abbreviated to A.R.A.F.T, which sounds like "a-raft".

According to Wikipiedia: "A raft is any flat structure for support or transportation over water". Rafts are characterized by their simple design and are usually by hand. In times of severe flooding even ants (fire ants specifically) will make rafts by grabbing onto each other. We would like to think that we are a raft; a simple but efficient means of transport that brings you across the water to the shore of a comfortable and memorable life in Vietnam. We will assist you from your first day arriving in Vietnam, help you settle into the new city, show you the best local cuisine and most importantly, support you in learning our language and culture.


The second reason why we chose to be A.R.A.F.T is due to how the Vietnamese word 'bạn bè' is used. The literal translation is 'a raft (bè) of friends (bạn)'. "This might sound funny to you but it is a genuine and beautiful image in my eyes" - Ms. Hanh Phung shared. In her interpretation, the word 'bè (raft)' represents the bonding in a group of close friends. Rafts are usually kept afloat by using a combination of buoyant materials tied together, such as: wood, sealed barrels, or inflated air chambers (pontoons). That is how LSV was established. We are a group of individuals who support and care for each other. Our teachers are not just teachers but friends to the students. By tightening our bonds, we will build a healthy and strong community, able to withstand the most turbulent times like a well-made raft.

So, do you want to join our raft?