Practical Needs

  Always have unpleasant experiences because of what is called 'language barrier'? Can't seem to order the right food/drinks, constantly get lost, etc. Is that you? If the answer is YES, you have gone to the right place!


 Our classes include topics that you will need in order to get by. Each topic comprises grammar, vocabulary and practice; primarily focusing on practical Vietnamese and feeling your way around the alphabet and tones. We have ordered the coursebook in a way that first gives the students what they require most urgently in their day-to-day lives upon arriving in Vietnam, for example: food and ordering at restaurants, getting a taxi or going to the market, etc. Nobody's going to be discussing the economy or politics on an empty stomach.


 As we continue, the topics in each part become more specialised and the language, in keeping, is more advanced. For instance, we will cover a variety of topics in an attempt to cater to different people’s needs: renting a new house, having problems with household items, having things stolen or unfortunately having to go to the hospital, etc.

You can choose to study in an one-on-one, small group or big group class, online or offline. Please check below: